Bruce Bochy: Texas Ranger

So far the post-season part of the managerial carousel has been relatively quiet other than declaring interim managers as the full time manager. That is until today when the Rangers did something interesting—they brought Bruce Bochy out of retirement.

Bochy has 2003 career wins, 4 pennants, 3 World Series championships. He’s #12 on the all time wins list. The only manager with more wins not already in the Hall of Fame is Dusty Baker. There is no doubt both will be eventually. The Rangers’ GM Chris Young was a pitcher on the Padres during Bochy’s last season there.

If Young finishes the task of assembling a competitive roster, one would expect Bochy will indeed make the Rangers competitive. They’ve shown a willingness to open the purse strings. This could be fun.

No word on how Chuck Norris feels about it.

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