What Did I Miss?

In terms of the division series…all of them. I’ve spent most of the past week on the road to/from Alabama to deliver things to my daughter, who now works/lives there.

I did not see Justin Verlander get chased in 4 innings having given up 6 runs. I also did not see the Astros come back and break Mariners’ hearts with a walk off three-run homer by Yordan Alvarez.

I did not see the Mariners get only one game at home…an 18-inning marathon that ended as a 1-0 loss to the Astros, eliminating said Mariners. BTW, that is the longest 1-0 game in MLB postseason history. If you’re going to go down, at least make it memorable, eh?

I did not see the Yankees and Guardians put together the only go-the-distance series…and I am not even currently watching game 5, because it’s under rain delay. Hint to MLB: it’s almost 10PM EDT, call the game and reschedule it for tomorrow already. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is just going to go to bed soon whether the game is going on or not.

I also did not see the NL decide that home field is no advantage at all as it’s the two lowest seeds into the NLCS—the Padres and Braves. I did listen to one of the Padres-Dodgers games on Sirius as I drove: Clayton Kershaw was pulled after 5 in a 3-3 tie. I understood the move to pull him even though he had settled into a groove and retired the last 9 batters he faced. Roberts wanted to protect his future Hall of Famer’s back. That’s a good regular season idea, but if one doesn’t win postseason games, the season ends. Roberts’ idea didn’t work out. The pen gave up two runs, and the Dodgers failed to score again on Yu Darvish (who went 7 pitching on 3 days of rest) and the Padres’ pen.

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