Effross Not on Yankees’ ALDS Roster

Rookie Scott Effross has been a key contributor for the Yankees out of the bullpen since being acquired from the Cubs at the trade deadline, sporting a 2.54 ERA/161 ERA+ and a 4.13 K/BB ratio. He, along with four other relievers plus starter Frankie Montas, is an injury scratch. In fact, he won’t be playing the rest of this year or next year…he needs Tommy John Surgery. Tough break for him. As a reminder, the Yankees’ patchwork bullpen will also be minus Aroldis Chapman after he couldn’t be bothered with showing up for a team workout.

One thought on “Effross Not on Yankees’ ALDS Roster

  1. Here’s your chance Clevelanders. As was with the Enterprise and Voyager, the Borg have always had trouble in the late innings. What’s the name of the Clevelander’s team – oh yeah Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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