Final Day of the Regular Season

Everybody’s game 162 is today. So, which teams have meaningful games? Nobody. The playoffs are set. We know who’s in and where they will play.

Frankly, the only regular I would play today were I the manager of any of the 30 teams is Aaron Judge. He still has a theoretical shot at the AL triple crown. Luis Arraez of the Twins is the batting average leader at .3150 to Judge’s .311. If Arraez plays and goes 2/5, Judge can’t catch him at .3158. If he goes 1/5, his average drops to .3140. I’d sit him were I the Twins manager. Judge, we’re he to go 4/4, he’d up his average to .3153. 4/5 would put him at .3148. Were I Alex Cora, I’d play him but sit him immediately if he ever failed to reach base.

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