Tony LaRussa Steps Down

Tony LaRussa has not managed the Chicago White Sox since Aug 30. Today he made that permanent. He stated he stepped away initially due to a problem with the cardiac pacemaker that was placed this past winter. He stated, though, that there is some unspecified second heart problem…one with a good prognosis but one whose recuperating period will extend through next season.

However, he also said that you are what your record says you, that the White Sox’ less-than-expected performance is “my fault” as the manager because the proverbial Buck stops with him. A question posed to the GM regarding whether LaRussa would have been the manager next year was dismissed as hypothetical and that “things played out as they played out.” Love tautologies. Oh, well, it is what it is, right?

LaRussa heads back into retirement with the second most wins of any manager, behind Connie Mack.

The only person named as for sure getting to interview for the job of a the interim manager (and former Devil Ray infielder) Miguel Cairo.

One thought on “Tony LaRussa Steps Down

  1. I’d say, “yea!” but his bad record with the ChiSox would only help us going forward. Also, baseball has changed. Make room for new people.


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