Balk! Balk! Balk!

On Tuesday the Marlins’ Richard Bleier got called for a balk three times in a single inning…against a single batter, in fact: Pete Alonso. As a result, Jeff McNeil got a free pass from first to second…then to third…then home. Bleier had never been called for a balk before, but now he has three.

He also has an ejection. He got very upset about the first base ump making the calls. Arguing balls is supposed to come with an immediate hook just like arguing balls and strikes. The ump let him jaw awhile though before having had enough. At that point, Don Mattingly joined the fray and got booted too.

Having watched the video now…meh. I’ve seen more egregious things not get called. However, once the ump says you failed to come to a complete stop in your wind up prior to delivering your pitch, shouldn’t you then make a point of making a full stop on subsequent pitches? Not doing so and getting called again…and again is thus kind of on the pitcher.

At least Bleier can salve his ego with the knowledge it has at least happened before: in 1988.

For anyone else who disagrees with the ump, the free run to the Mets didn’t change the outcome of the game. They lost 6-4 instead of 6-3.

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