Maury Wills Passed Away

Maury Wills has died at his home in Arizona. He was 89.

He was the shortstop for three Dodgers World Series champs in the 1960’s. In 1962 he won the NL MVP award on the strength of a then-record 104 stolen bases. His records, of course, were later eclipsed by Lou Brock and then Rickey Henderson.

(To digress, he was speedy and a good fielder, but he was not a great hitter. When he won the MVP in 1962, Willie Mays actually had a much better year but came in second in the vote. Frank Robinson was even better than Mays…and came in 4th.)

Wills, also the father of former major leaguer Bump Wills, also had a short stint as the Mariners manager in the early 1980’s. His off-field life was marred by substance addiction, but he had been clean since 1989.

Condolences to his family/friends/fans.

One thought on “Maury Wills Passed Away

  1. The Dodgers were a relatively bad hitting team in that era. The joke at the time was that a Dodger homerun was Wills walking, stealing 2nd and going to 3rd on an error on the throw and scoring on a sacrifice fly.

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