Marcell Ozuna a Serial Idiot

Early this AM the Braves’ Marcell Ozuna was arrested for DUI (he was booked at 4:30AM). For those who don’t remember, he was also arrested in May, 2021 for choking his wife…with police officers as witnesses to the event. Ultimately those charges were dropped after he completed a pretrial diversion program.

Obviously, I do not know the man, but this makes me wonder if he has an alcohol problem. He hast to know his legal issues last year are going to complicate his navigating the legal system this time. Plus, obviously, everybody knows all too well what can happen when attempting to drive while drunk. If he does have an alcohol abuse problem, then he needs to seek treatment ASAP and stick to the program.

Meanwhile, his playing time has fallen off this year as his production has plummeted. He’s worse-than-replacement level, with a -1.2 WAR this season. He’s owed $36M over the next two years, plus a $1M buyout (no way Atlanta exercises the $16M team option in 2025)…but at some point, you have to think the Braves weigh the poor play plus the off field issues and cut bait.

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