Rangers Fire Jon Daniels

The Texas Rangers’ owner, Ray Davis, has fired team president Jon Daniels. GM Chris Young will take over those duties, at least on an interim basis.

Two days ago, with Chris Woodward’s firing, I implied the blame was falling on the wrong guy although a losing team letting the manager go isn’t a surprise. Now I’m a little surprised but agree this is ultimately where blame—if any is to be meted out—belongs. Also, it does add to why Woodward would also go, as new front office leaders typically want their own guy as manager too.

Daniel’s headed up the Rangers for 17 years. That includes their 2011 AL pennant (then losing the WS to the Giants in 5 games)…but it also includes not returning to the playoffs since 2016. They were a 102-loss team last year and spent heavily in the offseason apparently believing they were close to being competitive. Their losing record this season is a little deceiving in that they’ve had abominable luck in one-run games and would be hovering around .500 if they were .500 in those contests. Still, if that’s bad enough to get the skipper fired, I can’t really argue that the team prez shouldn’t follow him out the door.

Chris Young became the GM just 2 years ago. His elevation to the (interim) presidency indicates he’s not shouldering the blame from Davis, at least for now. Young, as you may recall, played 13 seasons in the bigs as a pitcher, including with the 2015 WS champion Royals.

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