Woodward Fired as Rangers Skipper

The Texas Rangers fired manager Chris Woodward today. The Rangers are 51-63, in third place in the AL West and facing their fourth straight losing season. From that standpoint this isn’t much of a surprise.

The Rangers front office also signed free agent contracts adding to over a half billion dollars in guaranteed money to Jon Gray, Corey Seager, and Marcus Semien. They obviously believed they could contend now and are blaming Woodward for, presumably, underachieving. In that they are delusional. This was a 100 loss team a year ago. They were absolutely not just three players away from contention. Also, 51-63 does represent significant improvement from last season…especially if one takes into account a major league worst 6-24 record in one-right n games. That is, in fact, the second worst any team has done since 1900 and represents some really atrocious luck.

An as yet unnamed interim manager will guide them through the end of the season.

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