20-12, 24-4, 21-7, 21-1, 24-1

What are those? They are NCAA division 1 baseball tournament scores. There were five games yesterday in which a team scored at least 20 runs, and 2 others on Friday. Several others had scores in the teens—ie, lots of crazy blowouts happened.

For the scores I listed, that’s Arkansas coming from behind to bludgeon Oklahoma State 20-12. The total laughers were Virginia Tech over Columbia 24-4, Auburn over Florida State 21-7, Vanderbilt over New Mexico State 21-1 in an elimination game, and Georgia over Hofstra 24-1 in an elimination game.

For those who don’t already know, this is how the NCAA baseball (and softball) tournament works: First there are 16 regionals, hosted by the 16 top seeds. Each regional is a mini-tournament with 4 teams in a double-elimination format, ie two losses to eliminate a team. The set up is A vs B, C vs D—assume A and C win. Then B vs D with the loser, D, going home with their second loss. A plays C, assume A wins, so B plays C to eliminate one more team. Then A plays the winner or B vs C…A just needs to win once to win the regional, the other team would have to beat A twice.

The 16 regional winners are then paired up in 8 super regionals, best of 3 series at the home field of the 8 highest remaining seeds. The 8 victors then advance the the College World Series in Omaha (or Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City), where it is again double elimination down to the final two teams. Those two teams play a best of three series to determine the champion.

As of this AM, in baseball, every region will have eliminated one team. The games are all on ESPN/ESPN+ if you’re interested. The softball tournament has reached the WCWS, and those games are also being covered by the 4 letter network.

Update: Add two more teams with 20+ runs in a game today. Oklahoma State and Missouri State apparently got confused and played football instead, with OSU winning 29-15. Also Louisville destroyed Michigan 20-1.

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