Rutschman Triples in Debut.

Last night the Tampa Bays Rays defeated the Baltimore Orioles 6-1. I, of course, am a Rays fan, but that isn’t why I’m posting here. Adley Rutschman made his major league debut for the O’s, and In the sixth inning he stroked a stand-up triple.

Yesterday, I posted that he would be making his debut. Contributor Spartan1963 joked in the comments section that our illustrious founder scoutsayswietersisabust might now change his name to scoutsaysrutschmanisabust. You know who else got a triple in his major league debut as his first hit? Matt Wieters. Hmmmm…

3 thoughts on “Rutschman Triples in Debut.

  1. I woke up to the news of his promotion, so the fiancé and I nabbed tickets at the last mini tie and were able to take in the game in person. Man it felt so good to be back in Camden with an electric crowd. There stadium was far from packed but when Adley stepped to the plate and the “Adley…Adley…” chants started man you could feel something special. The Os actually printed out paper tickets to give to each fan in attendance as a special treat in the way out. It really felt nice to be part of something special again.

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    1. FYI, Manny Machado also got a triple on his first at bat so it seems it can go one of two ways here. Will he be the next Wieters or will he be the next Machado? Or something else entirely. Either way it was really cool when he stepped on the field, shook the umpires hand and did a quick 360, looking at the stadium and the crowd and just taking it all in. What a moment for him and his family.

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      1. A catcher fast enough to get a stand up triple? Wow. I’d say you got yourself something better than either one of the above.


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