Reds No Hitter? Pathos

Reds starter Hunter Greene went seven, and reliever Art Warren mopped up with neither surrendering a hit. Here’s the problem: they allowed three walks in the eighth, and the Pirates then scored on a fielder’s choice ground out. Meanwhile, the Reds failed to score at all. As a result, the Reds lost a no-hitter. It’s only the sixth time a team has ever lost a no-hitter. Such pathos is emblematic of the Reds’ now 9-27 season.

For those keeping track, that’s three no-hitters thus far this season, and we are only half way through May.

One thought on “Reds No Hitter? Pathos

  1. Complete games: 3 Complete games not a no hitter: 2 No hitters: 3

    Ironically the Reds have been on for them something of a tear having gone 6-4 over their last 10


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