Cards Had a Fun Day Yesterday

Yesterday the Cardinals beat up on the Giants 15-6. Every starting position player got a hit. It was actually 15-2 after 8. The Cardinals manager asked the dugout for a volunteer to pitch the 9th rather than use a reliever. Albert Pujols volunteered for his first major league pitching opportunity. He gave up a three run homer and a solo homer but successfully closed out the game as still a blowout. It’s safe to say he’s not Shohei Ohtani, but he had fun as did the rest of the Redbirds yesterday.

It was also the 203rd time Wainwright and Molina formed a winning battery. Here is how many pitcher/catcher duos have more in major league history: _____. Nobody. That’s the new major league record. They surpassed the Boston/Milwaukee Braves’ Warren Spahn and Del Crandall. They are third in terms of appearances together as battery mates (311) behind the Tigers’ Mickey Lolich/Bill Freehan (324) and Spahn/Crandall (316). Any time you can pass a list headed by Warren Spahn, that’s pretty cool—so congratulations to them.

3 thoughts on “Cards Had a Fun Day Yesterday

  1. Oh, man! I was just fixing to log in and do a post about this.

    Well, here’s my joke anyway: this makes Pujols the only closer in the 3000 hit club. El Hombre!

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    1. Don’t forget Wade Boggs. He actually had an okay knuckle ball. A fun tidbit I like to point out is that Boggs had a better ERA (3.88) than Jack Morris (3.90).

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      1. Pujols’ ERA is 36! But, oh my, that 66mph heater!

        Speaking of Boggs, Miggy passed him recently as he continues to climb the hits list…but I don’t see him closing a game any time soon.


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