COVID-19 Is Not Gone, Y’all

Today’s game between the ChiSox and Cleveland Guardians has been postponed due to multiple positive COVID tests among players and staff on the Guardians, including manager Terry Francona. Francona has missed a lot of time the past couple seasons with various health issues; hopefully this will be a mild or asymptomatic case for him. It’s possible the Guardians will still be able to play their next game—Friday vs the Twins—but will likely have to utilize some of the minor league coaches to do so.

This is a reminder that this virus is still out there. People mill around in public with no masks and no thought to social distancing, but it still there. Certain politicians want to rile up the masses and insist those masks, and other precautions, are violations of our rights…despite 990,000 dead Americans and counting from the disease.

Protect yourselves, please.

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