1st No-Hitter of 2022

The Rays had a combined no-hitter this past week through 9 innings, but it didn’t count as one as they allowed a hit in the 10. Yesterday the Mets completed a combined no-hitter against the Phillies for the first real one of the season. After the game Pete Alonso compared seeing a no-hitter to finding a unicorn. As a reminder, last year there were 9 official no-hitters plus 2 more that didn’t count because they didn’t go nine innings, despite being scheduled as seven inning games. In other words, there were 11 no-hitters last year. With all due respect to Pete Alonso, in today’s game, they just aren’t that rare.

It was the 315th official no-hitter in MLB history.

2 thoughts on “1st No-Hitter of 2022

  1. Like last year we get to wonder if there will be more no hitters than complete games. So far with around 300 games having been played there has been 1 complete game thrown, by, what’s his name?, oh Yeah Ferris Bueller of the Dodgers.

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