Cabrera Collects Hit #3000

On Thursday, Miguel Cabrera entered the game with 2,999 hits. He finished that game against the Yankees still with 2,999 as he went 0-3 and then was intentionally walked in the eighth, his final plate appearance of the day. He was thwarted again Friday, this time by a rain-out. No matter, playing as the Tigers’ DH yesterday, he laced a single in the first to the joy of hometown fans there hoping he would reach the milestone. He also got another hit in the sixth to finish the day with 3,001.

He is now the 33rd member of the 3000 hit club, 7th Latino, 1st Venezuelan, and 7th with both 3000 hits and 500 homers. Congratulations to him!

Oh, and it was an overall good day for Tigers fans as they destroyed the Rockies 13-0.

3 thoughts on “Cabrera Collects Hit #3000

  1. Breaking news; A.J. Hinch evidently reads FI. In my comment on raysfan1’s post aout Miggy being intentionally walked I stated it was silly to ove Miggy up just 1 spot in the line up and still have Schoop and Candelario ahead of him with their sub .200 averages. For this game Hinch moved Austin Meadows to the 2 spot and Miggy to 3, moving Schoop & Candelario down. All my years of managing Little League and travel ball teams paying off.

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  2. My mother was livid because the Tulsa paper carried this milestone story on the SIXTH page of the Sports section and it only covered a few inches of the page. Obviously, Oklahoma is NOT a baseball state (respect to Fulmer, Kozma, Holliday, Keuchel, Bench, Mantle, etc.).


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