Cabrera Intentionally Walked with 2,999 Hits

It’s tempest in a teapot time. Miguel Cabrera got intentionally walked in today’s game between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees, which the Tigers won 3-0. It was the bottom of the eighth. Two men were on. It would be Cabrera’s last plate appearance of the day. Yankees skipper Aaron Boone ordered an intentional walk, loading the bases but setting up a lefty vs lefty matchup with Austin Meadows coming up next and Lucas Luetge on the mound with the score 1-0. It did not work as Meadows promptly doubled in two runs.

After the game, Boone had to defend not giving Cabrera a shot at hit 3000 today. It’s silly on a number of levels. First, Cabrera had three at bats earlier in the game and went 0-3. The Yankees did not somehow owe him another shot. Second, it was a 1-0 that the Yankees were trying to win. Luetge in his career has much better numbers against left handed hitters than right, and Meadows doesn’t hit as well agains lefty pitchers—although the batting average split isn’t huge. Third, it’s April 20…Cabrera is getting #3000 soon enough…probably this weekend. It’s not even like he’s been denied getting the mark in front of the home fans; the Tigers are at home for the weekend too.

Anyway, he’s about to be the 33rd member of the 3000 hit club, 7th Latino, 1st Venezuelan, and 7th with both 3000 hits and 500 homers.

9 thoughts on “Cabrera Intentionally Walked with 2,999 Hits

  1. I was at the game so I was among the 20,000 or so lustily chanting Yankees Suck. Was it the correct percentage move? Yes it was, but it’s not like it was 2013 Miggy coming to the plate. The baseball gods acted properly in allowing Meadows to get a rare hit vs a lefty.

    As much as I booed Boone for the move, I put as much blame on A.J. Hinch for his line up. Miggy’s been hitting 5 most of the season but in his presser after Wednesday night’s game he hinted Miggy may hit higher. So he moved him up just 1 spot, still hitting behind Schoop and Candelario who are both hitting well below .200. If he had put Miggy 3, he would have guaranteed him an AB in the 1st inning and Miggy would have hit with bases loaded and 0 out in the 8th.

    When asked if he was mad about the intentional walk, Miggy said, “No, my on-base percentage went up.” I’m also sure Tigers ownersChris Ilitch didn’t mind as attendance Friday night will now be 20 – 30,000 higher than if Miggy got the hit today.

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    1. Now, for fans at the game, like you were, it’s totally different—especially if they don’t also have tickets to tomorrow’s game. It would have been special to be in attendance when Cabrera got #3K.
      You make a good point about batting him third, too.
      Lastly, as a Rays fan, I have to point out it’s never wrong to chant “Yankees Suck!” I also appreciated that X-Ray Meadows made Boone pay for his decision.

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    2. Working from home, I took my afternoon break to Boooooooooo!!!! That was BS, but I guess they were giving props to Miggy in treating him as if he was still a nearly-guaranteed hit. I fully intend to get righteously indignant about the slight to Miggy for the rest of my life. He was wronged!!!!!

      Also, we planned our Saturday around the games and were grateful that Miggy’s big one came early, as we wanted to go to the movies later.

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  2. He just said yesterday that “numbers don’t mean anything if you don’t win.” Which is obviously BS because the guy has been hanging around for years (to achieve numbers) and his statistics don’t come close to justifying a place in any lineup if a team is trying to win, neither alone being moved up into a lineup where invaluable “RBI guys” should be. Sometimes baseball is just plain stupid.


    1. Uh, the Cards and Albert Pujols would like a word with you.

      Honestly, Miggy LOVES playing and wants to finish his contract because he enjoys it. His enthusiasm for playing and winning are clear, even if he isn’t what he once was.

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      1. He’s making 30 million a year until 2025. You could argue that the team would be better off without him but, you know, priorities. I guess we’ll all find out if a guy can “step” into the batters box in a wheelchair. 🙂


        1. Small sample size and all, but he is hitting.308 thus far. Can’t blame the Tigers for plying him as long as he keeps hitting well.

          That said, of course the contract—like Pujols with the Angels—was a mistake. Then again star players are grossly underpaid early in their careers, so I never begrudge a player taking what an owner offers.

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