Twins Sign Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa has signed a 3-year deal to join the Minnesota Twins, for $105.3M and an opt out after 2 years. Just yesterday I was telling a Twins fan friend/coworker that the only way salary dumping Josh Donaldson would make sense is if it was the Twins who signed Correa.

Last season Correa was worth 7.2 bWAR. Donaldson and Kiner-Falefa together were worth 6.9 bWAR. Remembering what the Twins gave up to get Kiner-Falefa (a good catcher in Mitch Garver) and what they got from the Yankees for Donaldson and Kiner-Falefa (Gio Urshela—a utility infielder/bench player, and Gary Sanchez—a not-good catcher), it is clear the Twins still have work to do if they want the team to truly improve.

It is a lot better today than it was yesterday, though.

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