Freeman Signs with Dodgers

Everyone knew Freeman wasn’t returning to the Braves as soon as they traded for Matt Olson. Odds of his destination were that the Dodgers would ultimately be his landing spot. Today that destination has been confirmed. He has signed a six year deal worth $162M. There are now articles out there calling the Dodgers unstoppable.

Instead of talking about that, let’s just stop and think about that contract. Six years and $162 million. The Braves traded away four highly regarded prospects to get Matt Olson. He’s a very good first baseman, but he isn’t as good as Freeman. Plus, Freeman has been the face of the Braves. The Braves have now signed Olson to an 8 year deal for $168M. Six years, $162M versus 8 years, $168M plus four prospects. You’d have thought the Braves could have gotten a deal done to keep Freeman and their prospects without apparently destroying their budget, wouldn’t you?

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