The Other Shoe Drops

Commissioner Manfred has just announced the first two series of the season are being axed and that the players will not be paid for those games. That means 156 games at most.

He/MLB characterized their 4PM offer (discussed in my last two posts) as the owners’ “best and final” offer even though they never budged off a collective bargaining tax structure more onerous than the last CBA. No further negotiating sessions have been scheduled at this time, either.

One thing I will add here that the players need to add as a nonnegotiable demand is being paid for 162 games this year regardless of how many are played and a full year of service time for everyone as well. This is not a players’ strike; this is an owners’ lockout.

I’m also now officially sick of posting about money. I’m using scouts’ portrayal of Manfred (and the owners) for the featured image. It fits.

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