No Agreement, Figures

Whatever optimism was generated (which, being honest, was very little for me) by the MLBPA and MLB talking to 2PM and MLB extending its deadline to 5PM today, it’s gone. It’s 5PM eastern now, and there’s no agreement. The owners submitted its “best offer” an hour ago, and the union reps unanimously rejected it.

A thumbnail of the proposal:

Owners upped the presence bonus pool to $30M, flat per year throughout the 5-year term of the deal. Players had lowered their ask to $85M but with $5M/year increases thereafter.

Owners offered a $700,000 minimum salary with $10,000 per year increases. It’s the first time they offered a minimum salary I’d have called acceptable.

They did not budge from their luxury tax stance—and that is undoubtedly why there was no agreement. The owners want a salary cap, have been using the luxury tax as a soft cap and want to make it harder. (Note: a previous offer included a salary floor but was tied to dropping the luxury tax threshold by around $30M/year instead of increasing it. No offers since have included a salary floor.)

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