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It’s 9:30 PM on 2/28/2022. No announcement of a new CBA has been made, so presumably we will soon hear about regular season game cancellations in addition to spring training games starting at soonest on 3/8/2022. Below are two articles I recommend to really be aware of both how baseball came to this impasse and how MLB is truly acting at this time.

One thing I’d like to add, is about the reporting at Obviously, being directly owned by MLB, it serves ownership interests. Normally that just means there are a lot of fluffy articles in addition to game reporting. During the lockout, though, their reporters/editors have become none too subtle mouthpieces for the owners. One reticle I read stated the concessions of owners would provide players an added $250M over the 5-year term of the next CBA. That article never once mentioned (1) two of the simplest concessions by MLBPA—allowing advertisement patches on uniforms and agreeing to expanded playoffs—would garner the owners $250M every year, and (2) even with the owners’ proposed minimum wage increase that baseball would still have the lowest minimum wage in major US team sports.

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