Derek Jeter Steps Down as Marlins CEO

It was announced today the Derek Jeter is leaving his post as the Miami Marlins CEO, effective immediately. He will also no longer be part owner, severing his 4.5 year relationship with the team.

He released a statement, not through the Marlins but through a separate PR firm, that read in part: “the vision for the future of the franchise is different than the one I signed up to lead.” At the beginning of the offseason, he talked about increasing payroll and striving to improve the on-field product. The Marlins did sign a couple free agents in the $55M range before the lockout began, but—if Jeter’s statement can be taken as it appears—don’t expect much more. His release of his statement through a separate firm also makes it seem this separation isn’t an amicable one.

One thought on “Derek Jeter Steps Down as Marlins CEO

  1. He’s a baseball man, and the owners are not. Maybe he was too naïve but he tried. I think you’re right — he’s not leaving the owners any fruit baskets.


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