Today is the day MLB has set as a deadline to have an agreement on a new CBA in place else regular season games will start being cancelled. MLB has also said players won’t be paid for cancellations. In turn the MLBPA denies that cancellations are necessary yet. As a result, if no agreement is in place by the end of today, that too will be a bone of contention between the two sides, especially the payment part. Indeed, I could easily see a lawsuit over the pay aspect seeing as the owners would be trying to deny paying players over games the owners voluntarily cancelled. Fun times.

The two sides have met every day since last Monday and are meeting again today, so I guess that’s a plus. Most sources say the two sides are still far apart, so a minus there. MLB’s mouthpieces at MLB.com say real progress was made yesterday. I’ll believe it when I see it.

For now I’m not going to do another issue by issue analysis. I’ll wait for announcements of real breakthroughs. Agreement on a draft lottery for the first six picks instead of four or eight isn’t it. That solution to that minor problem was obvious in December.

2 thoughts on “D-Day?

    1. My list is longer, but not much. Every time I hear “we were forced to…,” I want to throw something at him and shout “No, you’re not!” Nobody forced the owners to lockout the players. Nobody forced the league to cancel spring training games. Nobody will be forcing them to cancel regular season games either.


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