Do You Think This Was Disrespectful?

ESPN labeled the clip as “disrespectful.” The batter, after hitting a home run, pretended the bat was a telescope to watch how far it went. I thought it was funny. I also thought it’d be no shock if the pitcher plunked him next time he came up. (I don’t condone intentionally hitting a batter.) My own view is, short of finger pointing, I’d let it go,

Also, this just in–college baseball has not been locked out.

3 thoughts on “Do You Think This Was Disrespectful?

  1. There is a long, long list of things NOT to do in the unwritten rule book. Rule One is “don’t piss off ________” and it is as open to interpretation as the Star Fleet Prime Directive (Don’t mess with other cultures unless it makes good drama). Rule Two is “don’t do anything NEW that will piss….)

    You get the point. On the other hand, extensive, coordinated, multi-player celebration of merely doing a good job (on a play soon to be voided by penalty) as seen in countless football games is sometimes excessive.

    I’m in favor of the “Let the kids play” movement if the “kids” (seven figure and up adults in an entertainment business) remember who’s footing the bill and what they want. They want to see the game, not the sideshow. A display of enthusiasm is fine, but keep moving.


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