What Influence Does This Man Have?

The only man selected for Hall of Fame induction this year by the BBWAA says he shouldn’t have been the only one. David Ortiz, in an interview, made clear his opinion on Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens by saying they are Hall of Famers. He then continued with “They did amazing things for baseball. They both deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.”

It remains to be seen how much influence “Big Papi” has on future Today’s Game committees. However, speaking so clearly on the topic has been rare for recent inductees. It was refreshing. Perhaps more will speak up on what they know or saw, and help make the “Steroid Era” what it should be: just another period in baseball history and not an emotional powder keg or source for witch hunters. It wasn’t the “Steroid Era” because a small handful of players broke records via chemical enhancement. The stuff was ubiquitous just as amphetamines were ubiquitous through the 1960’s-1980’s.

In any case, this is also part of why I’ve said Bonds and Clemens eventually will be in the HoF. There are 75 living members of the Hall. Time will march on. More and more of the living Hall of Famers will have direct knowledge of the “Steroid Era” and know who was/wasn’t using when they played.

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