Players/Owners Met Today

Earlier this week, the owners’ negotiators called for a bargaining session with the players to take place today. It was the first overture from them since the lockout began on Dec 2nd. The two sides did, in fact, meet today, via Zoom.

The owners brought a proposal involving the core economic issues at the heart of the labor impasse. I’ve heard no details, but multiple sources indicate the players’ side was unimpressed. It now remains to be seen if/when the players make a counter-proposal will be made by the players nor when the next meeting might occur.

At least this one lasted more than seven minutes.

One thought on “Players/Owners Met Today

  1. I just read a summary of the owner’s proposal over at MLB and it seemed like a reasonable starting point to me. The players should negotiate or at least get over here and shovel my walk.


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