Cold Hot Stove League Bulletin From Twinsville

My Family had planned our first family get together since Christmas 2019 for Thanksgiving 2021. The day before Thanksgiving this was cancelled because of an outbreak of Covid in my son’s family.

I decided to make the natural turkey gravy that I was planning to bring to the meal anyways, and freeze it. I hoped that it would only be postponed by a week or two. The physical effort of doing so exhausted me.

I tripped in my garage on Thanksgiving Day night. My scalp was lacerated, I suffered a probable concussion and my knees were badly bruised. I tried for about ten minutes to get up. I didn’t have a coat or gloves on and it was 20 degrees, All of my fingers were completely numb. One of them is still partially numb.

There are blood smears on the inside of my garage door from my effort to crawl out to where someone might hear me. I crawled up across my backyard towards my back door yelling for help.

A few minutes later my neighbor. Theodore and Rebecca’s daddy had his warm hands underneath my armpits to get me into my house. My wife, who was unaware of what was going on. met us at the back door and helped to drag me into the warmth.

I need to find way to tell Rebecca and Theodore that their daddy is a hero.

After about another ten minutes I found the strength to crawl to and lift myself unto my bed. The next afternoon I was taken to the hospital because of a suspected brain bleed.

Sparty, I watched the Michigan – Ohio State game, which I’ve been watching every year since 1966, which as it happens falls on my birthday every 7 or so years,, and which put my boys in the national championship playoff, from my hospital bed.

Millionaires and Billionaires where do you think all your money comes from? Knock the shit off and


One thought on “Cold Hot Stove League Bulletin From Twinsville

  1. Wow Happy, quite a story. Glad you powered through enough to be able to tell us. I hope 2022 is better for you. As usual I was a huge Ohio State fan for a day, but reading your story, I am glad that M won the game, hopefully it gave you a smile.

    Have you contacted your local police to inform them about your neighbor’s good deed? In many municipalities they will present a person with a certificate for what they did and it would be a good way for Theodore and Rebecca to see their dad recognized.

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