F-I renewed for 2022

Just a quick heads up, I have renewed the hosting and domain plans for F-I.com for 2022. I’m still taking my sabbatical (with occasional break to rip into Manbaby), but we are still getting enough active posts (Thanks primarially to Raysfan1) That I’ve decided to let this train keep on rolling. As always, we are always accepting applications for anyone who wants to contribute (Just email fan.interference (at) yahoo). And a big thank you to everyone who continues to click on the website daily, reading, commenting, and overall supporting us.

One thought on “F-I renewed for 2022

  1. Scouts, hoping to see you here again soon. And Prof.

    I’ve been going through some health issues which have kept me down. But I’m starting to feel a little better, at least for a while. And I got some things to say that may have more to do with the absence of baseball then baseball itself.

    Old Gator, if you’re still peeking in here now and then, which I suspect you are because you know, Rick, your student, Rick, is fixing to go Wordsworth on your ass.

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