Rob Manfred is a Whiny Pissy Baby In Need of a Time-out

Today it was announced that Rob “Manbaby” Manfred threw a hissy fit to rival the size of Antonio Brown and forced The MLB Network to fire the great Ken Rosenthal. All because Rob Manfred is a butt hurt, infantile, toddler, who can’t take any criticism for his complete and utter failure as a commissioner, and as a human being. This isn’t the first time Mantot’s ego has caused him to lash out like an infant without his lolly. Rosenthal was suspended back in 2020 for his correct criticism of Manchild Manfred’s negotiations with the players regarding the early waves of the pandemic. Manbaby also forced MLB Network to fire Chris Rose, in the winter of 2020.

Add this to the long list of dumbass decisions the pubescent, petulant brat has added to his resume. From his botched handling of the Cheating, Banging Astros, to his punishment of Joe Kelly, to his dismissal of the World Series trophy as “a piece of metal”. His treatment of the minor leagues, his horrible disregard for the players during the 2020 season, his inability to fix the horriffic streaming options and blackouts surrounding MLB, all his incessant, ignorant rule changes, his failure to market the game properly, despite a slew of young talent entering the game. He was recently caught red-handed using multiple different baseballs in 2021. The list goes on. And on. And on.

Rosenthal, who is probably the best reporter in the game will be fine. He’ll continue to work with The Athletic, and FOX Sports.

Will someone please change Mandumpling’s diaper and get him the hell away from baseball? And I mean this in all seriousness. FUCK YOU Rob! You are a coward and a pathetic excuse for a human being. A pox on your house. You are literally the worst thing to ever happen to Baseball. No one likes you. No one.

7 thoughts on “Rob Manfred is a Whiny Pissy Baby In Need of a Time-out

  1. “ No one likes you. No one.”… except, of course, Bud Selig and the owners. Thus, he remains employed…and therein lies much of the current problem with the sport to include the lockout.


  2. Normally this time of year, after we come in after getting the walk shoveled, we get to read things saying ‘X days until pitchers and catchers report’ and catch up on the latest cooking of the hot stove league.

    Is anybody even trying advance the CBA negotiations?


  3. The irony is that Rosenthal almost always takes the owners’/MLB’s side on issues. It’s not like he’s carrying water for Boras or some lefty liberal ranting about corporate welfare. Apparently, leadership today means having thin skin. This does not bode well for negotiations with the union. Clearly, he’s not got nuanced collaborative skills.


    1. They probably won’t agree to anything until it becomes obvious to both sides that not settling will be a public relations and financial disaster. I would guess that pitchers and catchers will report and the hot stove league will commence about April 1st – at the earliest. Maybe that will brighten up the last March snow storm.

      BTW good to see you.


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