Meet the Mets’ New Manager

It’s only the players who are locked out.

The New York Mets have hired a new manager—Buck Showalter. Having been the Yankees manager from 1992-1985, he certainly knows what he’s getting into with the New York media. It remains to be seen, of course, if he knows what he’s getting into with the Mets organization.

Showalter is taking the reigns of his 5th major league team (Yankees, Diamondbacks, Rangers, Orioles, and now Mets). He’s been the AL Manager of the Year three times. He’s led his teams to the postseason five times. His overall record is 1551-1517 in 20 years as a skipper.

One thought on “Meet the Mets’ New Manager

  1. Per the effect on a team’s won lost record I’d rate the quality or lack thereof of the front office, the teams payroll budget, and injury luck, ahead of the identity of the teams manager. That said Showalter is probably a good choice.

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