MLB Approves Verlander Deal

The Astros and Justin Verlander agreed to a two-year, $50M contract at the end of November. The Astros submitted the finalized, signed contract to the MLB front office on Dec 1.

As you no doubt know, contracts have to be approved by the MLBPA and MLB before they can take effect. Thus, (1) the Astros considered it a done deal, (2) Justin Verlander considered it a done deal, and (3) the MLBPA considered it a done deal. It wasn’t…until today. MLB deigned to do its job despite the lockout since the contract was submitted before the lockout began. That’s nice. Give them a cookie.

2 thoughts on “MLB Approves Verlander Deal

  1. Amazing what unfinished paper work you can find when some low level lackey cleans his/her desk getting ready for holiday break. Glad this is finally settled, there were a lot of delusional Tiger fans hoping there was still a chance the Tigers could sign him.

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