2 Days to Go

The current CBA expires in 2 days.

Right now, it’s business as usual for the offseason. Trades have happened—most notably Adam Frazier to the Mariners. Players have signed lucrative extensions with their current teams—most notably Byron Buxton of the Twins. Free agents have signed with new teams—most notably Starling Marte (Scratch that—Max Scherzer) with the Mets, (Most of) The real big name free agents are not expected to sign until the new CBA is signed.

The current CBA expires in 2 days, and there is no expectation of the new one being agreed upon anytime soon.

The only thing the MLBPA and MLB have agreed upon is to move up the nontender date from Dec 2 to tomorrow. That agreement means young players will at least know if they have a job when the new CBA takes effect. It also means the MLBPA and MLB have agreed that there will be no agreement anytime soon.

The current CBA expires in 2 days; then there will be a lockout.

The only major league baseball thing that will happen during the lockout are the Hall of Fame votes and announcements. Those are not directly controlled by MLB. The lockout will, however, cast a pall over them and diminish some of the enthusiasm over the events.

The current CBA expires in two days, and a long winter is just getting ready to start.

One thought on “2 Days to Go

  1. I fear the worst. Although there is enough time to settle this before spring training is scheduled to start, both sides seem to be dug in on the big issues. MLB is trying to break the MLBPA and the MLBPA wants to eliminate all limitations to full free agency by the players. This may be a long one.


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