MLB to Provide Minor League Housing

The owners voted unanimously to provide housing to nearly all minor leaguers starting in 2022. The exceptions are (1) players actually on major league contracts—and thus being paid at least major league minimum, (2) players earning at least $100K—i.e. the high level bonus babies, and (3) a player who opts out.

The housing may be either an apartment or house (or hotel if houses and apartments are unavailable, specific hotel rules in that event are still pending). There can be no more than two players per bedroom. There has to be a functional kitchen and common area/living room. Host families are still permitted if they meet the requirements and pass background checks. There had to be water, electricity, and WiFi—paid for by MLB. The players are responsible for cable and streaming services if they want them. The housing is no strings attached, no player-signed lease.

Another development—clubhouse dues for minor leaguers have been abolished.

This represents a major step forward in how minor leaguers are treated.

I’ve long argued that increasing minor league pay is good (and they did receive a pay increase this year although most would still fall below the poverty line if that was all they had), but team-provided adequate nutrition and training plus ensuring adequate housing has to be mandatory. It only makes sense anyway for MLB to do what’s needed to make sure the players that are its future are as healthy and fit as possible. The benefits of a comparatively very small investment to protect the owners’ multi billion dollar annual revenues is obvious. I’m glad they finally realized it.

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