Joe West To Reportedly Retire After 2021 Season!!!!

Hey all, I’m taking a quick return from my walkabout to come celebrate some of the best news of the 2021 baseball season! According to reports, Joe West’s days umpiring MLB games is coming to a quick conclusion! Joe has consistently been ranked amongst the worst of the worst when it comes to MLB umpires, and he managed to Joe it up yet again in last night’s Yankees/Redsox matchup, once again trying to upstage the actual contest on the field. It’s hard for me to decide who I dislike most between Joe West and Angel Hernandez, (who is actually probably a worse umpire simply because he goes looking for a fight), but either way, MLB has been an absolute embarrassment behind the plate for years. I mean we could talk all day about the many documented cases of Joe being just horrendous. But thankfully his time is coming to a close. Now only if we could do something about Angel Hernandez, C.B. Bucknor, Laz Diaz, and Fieldin Culbreth.

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