Clinched/Eliminated 1 Week into September

Last week I brought up what I call “black magic numbers”—how close teams are getting to be eliminated from division or playoff contention. I thought I’d update it today.

As far as clinching on the good side goes, no teams has clinched a spot yet, and no team is within a magic number of ten of clinching a division yet. Two are within ten of clinching a playoff spot: the Giants (9) and Dodgers (10).

On to the black magic numbers…

Eliminated from wild card races: Orioles, Rangers, Diamondbacks. Soon: Pirates (black magic number is 1–next loss by them or win by the Padres or Reds, and they’re out), Twins (8), and three teams at 10 in the Marlins, Nationals, and Royals.

Eliminated from division races:

Orioles, Rangers, Pirates, Diamondbacks, Rockies.

Soon to be eliminated: Cubs (4), Twins (7), Royals (9), Nationals and Marlins (11).

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