What If Indiana Jones Wasn’t in “Raiders of the Lost Ark?”

Okay, enough serious stuff for now. Earlier today I walked into the physical therapy center at my clinic and saw the TV for the patients was playing “Raiders.” Now, I love that movie; it’s a rollicking good adventure, but I can’t resist pointing out something to people—ie, that Indiana Jones’ affect on the outcome of the actual events of the movie are not as large as most people think.

At the start of the movie it is revealed that the Nazis in the 1930’s want to find the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, thinking they could use it to conquer the world. US agents seek out renowned archeologist Indiana Jones to commission him to get it first to prevent that outcome. He knows there is a staff-head pertaining to it in the possession of his ex, and goes to see her, just in time to prevent her death at the hand of the Nazis. The head Naxi gets his hand burnt trying to pick up the staff head, and then the Nazis use it to start digging for it in the right ancient Egyptian city, but in the wrong place because what they have is missing a key piece of info. Meanwhile, Jones and friends start trying to surreptitiously dig in the right place. Belok, a French archeologist helping the Nazis, spots them. The Nazis take the ark from Jones, et al. They and Belok open the Ark on a desert Mediterranean isle, and their faces all melt/explode. Jones and Marian keep their eyes shut/do not look in the Ark and live to take it back to the USA, where the government promptly hides it in a huge warehouse somewhere never to be seen again.

if Jones isn’t around, here’s what happens: Marian is killed by the Nazis, who then take the headpiece and dig in the right place and find the Ark. They and Belok still take the Ark to a desert isle to look in it before bringing it to Hitler, because that’s how they are…and all still die, having their heads melt and explode. The Ark then simply stays on said desert isle. Supposedly the ancient Egyptian city where it was got destroyed and buried by a prolonged sandstorm. One could expect something similar on the island to keep the Ark hidden.

In other words, Indiana Jones saves Marian’s life, but everything else essentially ends up the same.

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