Gilbert Tosses 8th (10th) No-Hitter of the Season

Tyler Gilbert’s first major league start ever was tonight. His father was there. He took the hill for the Arizona Diamondbacks against the San Diego Padres. 9 innings later he had completed a no-hitter, becoming only the fourth pitcher to make his debut that way. Almost a Maddox as well, he used 102 pitches to record the 27 outs, recording 5 strikeouts and giving up 3 walks as the Diamondbacks won 7-0.

It was the 8th official no-hitter of the year, setting a new official MLB record. The most since 1900 had been 7. Of course, I say official because there have actually been 10 no-hitters this year. MLB does not count 7-inning no-hitters in scheduled 7-inning games…so Madison Bumgarner had a complete game with no hits allowed but not a no-hitter in April for the Diamondbacks. The Rays also allowed no hits in a seven inning game, using multiple pitchers, last month and did not get credit for a no-hitter.

The inanity of MLB’s reasoning on what is a no-hitter aside, congrats to young Mr Gilbert.

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