Field of Dreams Game

Tonight MLB put on a game in Dyersville, Iowa between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees. A stadium for 8,000 was built on the property where the Field of Dreams movie was filmed, adjacent to the field built by Ray Kinsiella for the ghosts of his father and the Black Sox.

The game was entertaining, ending with a two run walk off homer by Tim Anderson to lift the White Sox to a 9-8 victory. Kevin Costner was at the game and spent a couple innings in the booth, and was much more entertaining than the typical in-booth celebrity.

The White Sox wore throwback uniforms, using the 1919 pattern. They were cool and got players stumping for their use more often as an alternate uni. The players appeared pregame by walking in from the corn field onto the Ray Kinsiella field —very cool. The stadium for the game had a wall, but the corn grows right up to that wall. It was fun watching homers disappear into that corn. You could also see the farm house, barn and outbuildings (same ones from the movie). The sounds of the crowd were clear too. Frankly, it all worked, and I hope this does happen again…preferably without the tickets hitting $3k on the resale market as it’d be nice to not have to be rich to buy them.

I’m well aware that many people did not like the Field of Dreams movie. Most of the complaints I’ve heard have been that the movie was too heavy on nostalgia and too sappy. My counterpoint has always been (1) the movie went over the top on purpose and not to recognize that is to miss part of the point and (2) nostalgia is and always has been part of baseball fandom. I am unashamed of liking the movie and being happy that Dyersville preserved the farm/movie set.

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