A’s Laureano Suspended 80 Games

A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano tested positive for nandrolone, an anabolic steroid, and has been suspended for 80 games accordingly. It also means he is ineligible for the playoffs.

Remember, under baseball’s joint drug agreement, a first offense gets 80 games, a second a full year, and indefinitely/permanently for the third.

For his part, Laureano has stated the positive test was a complete shock and that he has no idea how the drug got in his system, that he would never knowingly do such a thing. Assuming this is true, and that he hasn’t been dumb enough to let anyone give him anything either, then he needs to take a close look at what he does know he’s taken. There are many supplements and medications sold over the counter in the Dominican Republic, where he’s from, that are not available here, including steroids. That is, it’s possible he could have obtained and taken something legally…but it’s on him to know exactly what he’s taking and what’s in it. There have been clear rules in place now for 17 years; “I didn’t know” can’t work as an excuse even if truthful.

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