Trade Deadline Wrap VI

I wrap up the wrap up with the NL West…

Los Angeles Dodgers—They sent out multiple valued prospects to the Nationals but landed the biggest fish of trade deadline week in Max Scherzer and also got Trea Turner to boot. They also traded for Danny Duffy even though he’s currently injured. Presuming he and Clayton Kershaw come back strong, their rotation will be formidable. They also clearly (and accurately) are not expecting Trevor Bauer back. Anything short of another World Series championship will be a disappointment for them.

San Francisco Giants—The Dodgers are not in first, though, the Giants are. Easily the biggest surprise in baseball this year, they were not expected to sell out their future in favor of the present, and they didn’t, They did get one big pickup in erstwhile Cub Kris Bryant. I expect that will be enough to keep them in the race until the end though.

San Diego Padres—With a roster that would likely dominate in some other divisions, they are in third in the NL West…which could well at least get them to the wild card game. To shore up their chances, they went out and got Adam Frazier and Jake Marisnick. However, that could be more than offset in a bad way by even bigger news today: Tatis isn’t healing well so far and might ultimately need season ending shoulder surgery.

Arizona Diamondbacks—They traded away Eduardo Escobar and Joakim Soria but weren’t as aggressive in selling as many thought. They were expected to be a lot better than they are, so maybe holding onto what they have and readjusting in the offseason isn’t that bad an idea.

Colorado Rockies—They’re terrible. Everyone knew they’d be terrible. They have good trade pieces. They did…nothing. It was a consensus opinion that they could get better value for Story than the compensatory pick they will now get after Story walks this winter as a free agent and rejects the inevitable qualifying offer. Jon Gray can be a free agent. Charlie Blackmon has player option and can walk too. This team has to rebuild, had a chance to kick start it, and failed to do so.

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