Joey Gallo Now a Yankee

One of the bigger names expected to move this trade season has moved. The Rangers have sent him, reliever Joely Rodriguez, and the money to cover their salaries to the Yankees in exchange for 4 minor league prospects. The prospects, while not bad, are not among the Yankees’ top rated ones.

Gallo, meanwhile, has been worth 4.3 WAR this year. He hits a lot of homers and draws a lot of walks, and strikes out a lot. The quintessential Three True Outcomes batter. He’s also left handed, which the Yankees have been missing from their lineup. Further, he’s a capable outfielder with a good arm, was able to man CF decently for the Rangers in 2019. CF has been…bad for the Yankees ever since Aaron Hicks went on the IL for the year, so I presume that’s where he will play.

Joely Rodriguez sports a 5.93 ERA; he’s another warm body for the pen but not really an upgrade.

The Yankees are 8.5 in back of the Red Sox and 3 games in back of the A’s for the second wild card. Their schedule the next couple weeks is soft, but they only have 10 games left between the Red Sox and Rays to try to make a move within the division—and they aren’t resting on their laurels either. Are they really going all in just to try to make the Wild Card game? Maybe. Gallo is a free agent this winter, so if they don’t then this trade has to be seen as a failure from that perspective. On the other hand, they haven’t had a losing season in 29 years and have been flirting with .500 most of the season. Maybe that’s the real issue. That and holding off the Blue Jays.

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