Rays Get Cruz

In the first big move of trade season, the Tampa Bay Rays have acquired Nelson Cruz from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for two minor leaguers. The Rays’ M.O. rarely includes rental players. However, they had a clear need for a middle of the order at bat as they look to try and overcome the Red Sox and defend their division crown. Nelson Cruz is a middle of the order bat. He’s hitting .294 with 33 extra base hits (19 homers).

The Twins return is two AAA starters, rated as the #10 and 17 prospects in their system—Joe Ryan and Drew Strotman. As an illustration of how deep the Rays farm system is, both have ERA’s under 4, and Ryan is pitching for the US Olympic team.

The Twins need starting pitchers, so I hope their new members do well. Of course I even more fervently hope the 41-year-old Cruz rakes down the stretch.

4 thoughts on “Rays Get Cruz

  1. A year lost and I aint got many more to lose.

    The word here is that the Twins got as good or better a value to be expected in return for a two month rental

    As long as the Twins don’t give up on next year half way through this year by trading anyone still under contract for next year or beyond I’m okay with it. Could anyone use an upgrade at shortstop (Simmons)?

    Here’s hoping that Nellie burns it up the rest of the way.



  2. Thanks for the addition of perspective. Every story I read lately names the offered minor leaguer as somebody’s “#10 prospect” which could mean the tenth best prospect in MiLB but they are probably closer to the 300th.


      1. Indeed. The point in this case for mentioning that the Rays were sending their #10 prospect to the Twins is that he’s actually better than that might sound as he has a 3.2-ish ERA at AAA and is good enough to be on the US Olympic team. He will be a lot higher than #10 in the Twins system.
        It also indicates the Rays have a lot more prospects to
        use in other trades if they want to.


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