Padres-Nationals Game Halted Due to Gunshots

The shooting was outside the stadium but heard inside well enough that many thought they were fired inside the stadium. Fernando Tatis, Jr ran in from the outfield, and the teams left the field. Some fans even scrambled into the Padres dugout at Nationals Park for cover. 4 people were shot; it’s being reported one was a stadium employee. The game itself was suspended in the 6th with the Padres up 8-4 and is to be finished tomorrow (Sunday) prior to the scheduled game.

One of my favorite things about baseball is being immersed into the game and thus a million miles away from the real world. Sometimes, though, the ugly parts force their way in.

One thought on “Padres-Nationals Game Halted Due to Gunshots

  1. I don’t know how you just pick up and finish the game the next day after that. It’s pretty scary. Why so much gun violence, Staters?


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