Angels Draft: 20 Rounds, 20 Pitchers

Excepting last year’s 5 rounds only draft, no team had ever used their entire draft allotment on pitchers only. (Miami did last year, but again, that was just 5 rounds.). However, that’s changed, as the Angels spent all 20 of their picks on pitchers, 18 of them from the college ranks, only 2 high schoolers. If nothing else, it shows they know what their biggest hole in their lineup is (and has been for several years). Right now their starting rotation ERA is 5.06. Ohtani needs help.

They weren’t the only team tilting heavily toward pitching in the draft, either. The Cleveland Baseball Team used 19/21 picks on pitchers. The LA Dodgers used their first 15 picks on pitchers and 17/19 overall. The SF Giants went with pitchers on their first 9 picks. All 3 also leaned heavily towards prospects with college experience.

3 thoughts on “Angels Draft: 20 Rounds, 20 Pitchers

    1. “Glasnowitis”…good one. As a Rays fan, I felt bad for him, but I was also pissed off. Instead of death gripping and trying to replicate the against-the-rule advantage sticky stuff on the ball gives, just maybe pitchers should work on accuracy.


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