Alonso Defended HR Derby Title

The Home Run Derby is a silly exhibition, and not everyone’s cup of tea. Last night’s had the chance to be extra silly fun for those who do like it, though. It was at Coors Field, and the humidor was not in use. It was hoped the balls would fly far and often.

Pete Alonso is now a back to back HR Derby champ, as he won in 2019 and no ASG or HR Derby took place last year. He set a record with 35 homers in round 1, and finished with 74.

Shohei Ohtani, the #1 seed by virtue of currently leading MLB in homers that count, did not make it out of round 1.

The “all time” record for longest home run in a derby fell and now belongs to Juan Soto, 520 feet. I used quotes because the official records date only to 2015. 520 feet also makes it the longest long ball since 2015 including the regular season.

What about Mickey Mantle’s legendary 565 ft bomb against the Senators in Washington back in 1953? That wasn’t official as it wasn’t an official stat then, but…it has been studied. Using the best available info, that home run is in fact calculated to have traveled at least 538 feet. Thus, Soto did not reach that. Mickey Mantle is still the owner of the longest MLB homer ever.

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