Another “Non-“ No Hitter

Today the Rays swept their double header against the Cleveland Baseball Team 8-1 and 4-0. A committee of Rays held CBT hitless in the second game. Of course, because it was only scheduled for seven innings since that’s how MLB does double headers now, the only way an official no hitter could happen is with extra innings in a 0-0 tie. Thus, for the second time this season, a scheduled game with no hits is (in the illogical minds of MLB) not a no-hitter.

There have been 7 official no hitters this season, tying the post-1900 record. The all time record is, technically, still intact: 8 in 1884, which was the first year overhand pitching was allowed. There have been two 7-inning no hitters (Madison Bumgarner in April and the Rays today) in double headers this year, so in reality the All-Time record has now fallen…before the All Star Break. 7 + 2 = 9

4 thoughts on “Another “Non-“ No Hitter

  1. Mumble9s: Let’s do some math and call it 7 + 1.56 = 8.56. A new record! Of course the win of a seven inning game counts as .78 right? That why I see in the standings teams 2.39 GB?

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