Tyler Skagg’s Parents and Widow Each File Lawsuits Vs Angels

Angels134 posted the following as a comment today:

“LA Times reports that Tyler Skaggs’ widow and parents filed lawsuits in California and Texas against the team, Tim Mead, then Communications VP, and Eric Kay, the former communications director and the actual man who went out and bought the actual drugs and provided them to Tyler Skaggs. Kay faces trial for dealing the drugs, and if he has any money I bet it’s going to his lawyer. That leaves his former boss and the especially the Angels as the only wealth in this moneyball game to get something out of this tragedy. For this decades-long twelve-stepper, the allocation of accountability is astonishing. First, the actual people who were closely involved in this man’s life were clueless about his habits? They took no steps to help him? Look a little closer to home before you spread the blame. Secondly, my recovery has led me to take personal responsibility for my addictions and the consequences of my actions. It ain’t anybody else’s fault. I’m really disappointed in this action. I hope it goes nowhere.”

This covered most of my thoughts on the matter really well. I especially appreciated the part about how family members really should have known something was wrong with Skaggs, particularly as the two lawsuits say Mead and the Angels knew or should have known it.

I also couldn’t help noticing the deadline for filing suit is two years from the date of Skaggs’ death—which is Thursday. I’m no lawyer, and it’s always seemed weird to me how often suits like these do get filed at the last minute. Were there negotiations that broke down? Is it just theatrics?

One thing I’m relatively certain of is that the suits are eventually settled. A trial will air Skaggs family dirty laundry as well as Angels dirty laundry. Both sides should be motivated to avoid that.

Referencing the possibility of dirty laundry being aired, it’s pretty clear it will happen if this goes to trial based on this ESPN article: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31738361/tyler-skaggs-family-lawsuits-los-angeles-angels-get-really-ugly

3 thoughts on “Tyler Skagg’s Parents and Widow Each File Lawsuits Vs Angels

  1. Actually, reputable attorneys will not file a suit right away. I’m always amazed how someone will file a law suit within a week of a tragedy. Did they have the attorney on retainer in case? I was involved in a wrongful death lawsuit and it took time to find the right attorney and then the attorney said we had a one year period to file and he didn’t want to rush it. The time was spent on investigation and research. Settlement talks usually don’t occur until after the suit is filed.

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  2. I had this conversation with Paper. It’s likely the family knew he had a drug problem, but didn’t know how he was getting it or that he was using so much because he did it on the road. In any case, employing a guy who supplies drugs to players and staff certainly is something that a team should be held accountable for, and if Skaggs knew Kay would hook him up, probably other people knew he would too. That said, it’s hard to accept the death of a loved one and is very natural to want to blame someone when a young person dies. His family may have been enablers, but that does not lessen their grief…or anger.

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