Another Day, Another Strikeout Record

Yesterday Aaron Nola of the Phillies struck out 10 straight Mets. That tied a MLB record that had gone unmatched in over 50 years. On Apr 22, 1970, Tom Seaver fanned the last 10 Padres he faced (pitching for the Mets of course).
Of course, when Seaver did it, teams struck out an average of 5 times in a game. That average is now 9. That’s not to say Nola is not a very good pitcher, but perspective is important. More perspective on how out of hand K rates have gotten: of the top 17 players all time in strikeouts per 9 innings, 14 are active pitchers. Even more perspective: Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax had career SO/9 rates just over 9. League average is now 9. We do not have a league full of Ryan’s and Koufaxes.

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Strikeout Record

  1. The usual good job and as I frequently do, I comment with no connection to the story above. Regarding said story though: the plural form of Koufax is Koufazi.

    LA Times reports that Tyler Skaggs’ widow and parents filed lawsuits in California and Texas against the team, Tim Mead, then Communications VP, and Eric Kay, the former communications director and the actual man who went out and bought the actual drugs and provided them to Tyler Skaggs. Kay faces trial for dealing the drugs, and if he has any money I bet it’s going to his lawyer. That leaves his former boss and the especially the Angels as the only wealth in this moneyball game to get something out of this tragedy.

    For this decades-long twelve-stepper, the allocation of accountability is astonishing. First, the actual people who were closely involved in this man’s life were clueless about his habits? They took no steps to help him? Look a little closer to home before you spread the blame. Secondly, my recovery has led me to take personal responsibility for my addictions and the consequences of my actions. It ain’t anybody else’s fault. I’m really disappointed in this action. I hope it goes nowhere.


    1. I really appreciate this. I was thinking about putting up a post on this—hope you don’t mind it will now be mostly a direct quote.


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